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There is a quiet revolution happening in the bathroom cabinets of the world, people are starting to wake up to the idea that less is more and wondering if their skin can be better, calmer and maybe less irritated.  The Clovelly Soap Company was born out of these ideas in 2005 and we hope we can quietly and gently convert people to our way of making, our way of thinking.  


We love to open the doors to our busy little studio tucked away in the charming village of Clovelly.    Here we offer the chance for you to dabble with our many potions, oils, herbs and botanicals to give you the foundation for your own natural skincare journey.  


Whether you want to make lovely gifts, a few bars of soap or go the whole hog and start your own little quiet revolution, we can help you.   Our courses range from Introduction to Soap Making all the way to our bespoke

1-2-1 Soap and Candle Days.  

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